During his execution, a doctor tried to read Rizal’s heartbeat and blood pressure, the result was normal! Did he not feel afraid or frightened?! Or has he really been preparing for that a long time.
Following Rizal’s life and writings, it seems Jose Rizal really knew where his fate would end. He was really an architect, he has drawn where he was going, He was really an eye-doctor, he kinda saw what was happening.

Rizal, ever since a little child had already dreamed being a martyr for his country.
His anecdote about the time when his mother narrated him a story about a firefly who go nearer to a flame and killed, Rizal quoted “The firefly must be a martyr for dying for his passions.”
Another one was when he was teased by his older sister, Rizal said, “one day I will die for this country and you would see my monument.”
Rizalista, a religion who believes Rizal will return…
Due to the interesting and moving life of Jose Rizal, there came a sect of people who have a strong belief in Jose Rizal.