NO SURRENDER - My Thirty Year War

Hiroo Onoda was only 20 years old and working at a trading
company in China when he was called up to join the army.

After passing the physical exam, he immediately quit his job
and returned to Japan in August, 1942.

During the training, Onoda was chosen to become part of the
Imperial Army intelligence school where he was taught how to conduct guerilla
warfare. He then left Japan to join the Sugi Brigade in the Lubang Island,

He was tasked to lead the Lubang Garrison for the guerilla
warfare. Their division commander ordered all his men to never “die by your own
hand” so whatever happens, they should continue to survive even if it means
living on coconuts.

Sadly for Onoda, he took his commander’s words quite

Onoda was supposed to destroy the Lubang airfield but after
they were outnumbered by the Allied Forces, the garrison commanders left him in
the dark.

Soon, the remaining soldiers retreated into the inner parts
of the island and split up into different groups with 3 to 4 members each.